How to complete the application

To complete the visa application, please pay deep attention to the following:

  • When you are ready, click on the button labeled “Start a Visa Application” below. Please make sure to have your passport, information about other I.R.Iran visas you have had, if any, and any other documents relevant to your intended travel to the Iran ready. You will need information in those documents as you fill out the application.
  • Follow the instructions on each page. Make sure you answer all the questions—if you do not, your application may not be accepted.
  • Your answers must be in English and must use the English alphabet. That means you cannot use letters like ñ, é, ü, or ç. For example, instead of writing “São Paulo,” write “Sao Paulo.”
  • When you are finished answering all the questions, the program will let you check your answers to make sure they are correct. Please re-read them carefully so you do not make mistakes.
  • Once you have checked your answers, you can submit your application. When you do, you will see an email verification page on your screen where you should enter a verification code. If you are not receive an email containing the verification code, resend verification code. Please pay attention to your email address. You can edit the email address, if you can not access to given email address or it is wrong.
  • By completing email address verification process, you will see a confirmation page on your screen with a barcode. Please print this page by clicking on print button and write down the Tracking Code displayed on the page. To check your application status, you will need this Tracking Code to continue your application.

Electronically submitting your online application is the FIRST STEP in the visa application process. Some visa applicants will need to attend a visa interview, though some applicants may qualify for a visa without interview. You should wait your application pass all required process within 10 business days. By changing your application status, an Status email will be send to your email address. You also can check the application status by accessing the Check Application Status page.

Common Errors:

Please be sure you review your application in order to avoid common errors in the following requested information areas:
  • Visa type requested;
  • Your Nationality;
  • Current home address;
  • Your Image requirements;
  • The embassy or Consulate where you plan to receive your visa.


If you do not complete the email verification process within 3 days, your application will expire and you will have to start over.

Browser Requirements

  • Your browser must support 128-bit encryption.
  • JavaScript must be enabled.
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) must be enabled.
  • This website will work with a variety of Internet browsers, but it is best supported by Chrome 50.0 or higher for Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  • This website require that your browser be set to accept cookies.

Needed Documents

You should have the following documents available while you complete your online visa application:

  • Passport
  • Travel itinerary, if you have already made travel arrangements.
  • Résumé or Curriculum Vitae - You may be required to provide information about your current and previous education and work history.
  • Digital personal photo in accordance with the requirements announced
  • Digital image of your passport in accordance with the requirements announced
  • Other Information - Some applicants, depending on the intended visa types, will be asked to provide additional information when completing online visa application.

Start a Visa Application

If you have the following items ready, click on the button below to apply.

  • Determine the type of visa required
  • Preparation of required documents such as passport
  • Digital personal photo in accordance with the standard announced
  • Digital image of your passport (first page) in accordance with the standard announced

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